Daves Avenue Elementary School


Week of May 26 - June 2
Third Grade Field Day:  We have our Field Day on Monday, June 5 from 12:30-2:30.  Please do your best to have your child wear a shirt in his/her color for this event. Be sure to wear comfortable shorts and PE shoes as well.  Thank you!
Red:  Josie, Alina, Eduardo, Chris
Yellow: Sami, Emma, Nico, Alexander R
White: Jordyn, Evie, Jerry, Gracin
Blue:  Emilia, Jane, Emma, Liam
Green:  Alisa, Jake, Tripp, Preston
Orange:  Nikhil, Alexander A, Sean, Julian
Character Matters II Musical:  We will have two performances of our class musical, Character Matters II on Tuesday, June 6 @ 1:30 pm and Wednesday, June 7 @ 9:00 am. Performances will be in Room 3 or 4.  As always, if you are pulling a sibling out of another class to attend, you must make arrangements with that teacher.  Performances last about 30 minutes.
Study Trip to Kelley Park:  Thank you our parent drivers/chaperones who accompanied us to Kelley Park last week.  We loved our trip to the past and learning a bit more about how people lived and worked in our valley 100 years ago.  Furthermore, thank you to all the parents who helped on any study trip this year.  Without you all, these great learning extensions would not have been possible.  We have much gratitude for you.
Wish List:  I have been updating my Amazon Wish List often.  Please check it if you are interested in donating items to our classroom.  Click on the Wish List page to get there.  Thank you!
Reflex Math:  All students are working on mastering multiplication and division facts. Those who complete through x10 will practice x11 and x12 too (but this is a fourth grade standard, so do not worry if your child does not get there this year). PLEASE have students practice at home on REFLEX 2-5 days per week. Thank you.
Music Class:  This week is our last day of music with Mrs. Ancheta.  We have had a great year of musical experience with her. Our class has turned in all of our recorders.  Thank you all for helping get these back to school.
Mrs. Brown