Daves Avenue Elementary School


Week of April 24-28
Study Trip to Chitactac:  We had a great time on Friday learning about the Ohlone way of life 300 years ago.  The students got hands-on experiences grinding acorns, practicing their hunting skills, and seeing real petroglyphs.  We also saw a variety of plants and animals.  The weather was gorgeous, and we were so lucky!  Thank you to our chaperones:  Mrs. Regoli, Mrs. Srivatsa, Ms. Zandstra, Mrs. Berry, Mrs. Wilde, and Mrs. Freeman.  Pictures to come soon!
SBAC TestingThird grade will test over two weeks, May 1- May 12, with make-ups on May 15 and 16. Our weekly testing window is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8:30-11:45. We may not need all of this time each of those days, but we do allow enough time for all to finish the test. There are no time limits for any of the tests your third grader takes.  It is very important that your child is here every day, all day, in the coming weeks. First, when a child is late (past 8:30), they may not enter the classroom to test. They must do it on a make-up day, outside of our classroom. Second, we have much less time each day to cover the rest of the curriculum.  Finally, when your child is absent (even for illness), he/she must do the make-up test on another day (May 15-16). He/She will then miss the regular instruction. I do not want your child to come to school ill, but appointments and vacations should be planned outside of the school day/week. Thank you for understanding.
Wish List:  I have been updating my Amazon Wish List often.  Please check it if you are interested in donating items to our classroom.  Click on the Wish List page to get there.  Thank you!
Reflex Math:  All students are working on mastering multiplication and division facts. Those who complete through x10 will practice x11 and x12 too (but this is a fourth grade standard, so do not worry if your child does not get there this year). PLEASE have students practice at home on REFLEX 2-5 days per week. Thank you.
Music Class:  Every Friday until the end of the year, your child will need their recorder and music book in class. If they do not have it, they will have to practice the notes using a pencil in place of the recorder. Remember to have your child practice for a few minutes throughout the week. 
Mrs. Brown