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Reminder: Please be sure your third grader has on athletic shoes each day, or has them in his or her backpack. Thanks.

Classroom Helpers needed
Thank you to the parents that have offered to help out a bit in the coming weeks. I greatly appreciate it!
Thank you to all the families who have donated items from my Class Wish List (now located on the Daves Avenue H&SC Amazon page), wipes, and tissues! All of these items help to make our classroom a comfortable place to learn.
State Testing 
Our California State Testing window is open. Third grade will test over two weeks, May 1-May 12, with make ups May 15 and 16. Our weekly testing window is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, from 8:30-11:45. We may not need all of this time each of those days, but we do allow enough time for all to finish the test. There are no time limits for any of the tests your third grader takes. Each day when we are done testing, I will move on to the regular curriculum.
It is very important that your child is here every day, all day, in the coming weeks. First, when a child is late (past 8:30), they may not enter the classroom to test. They must do it on a make up day, outside of our classroom. Second, we have much less time each day to cover the rest of the curriculum. Students need to be "in their seats" so that they do not miss out on important lessons and activities. Finally, when your child is absent, even for illness, they must do the make up test on another day (May 15-16). He or she will then miss the regular instruction. I do not want your child to come to school ill, but appointments and vacations should be planned outside of the school day/week. Thank you for understanding.
Testing Tips!
  • Getting enough sleep and a good, protein rich, low sugar breakfast, is a must each day! Kids can be a bit anxious and frustrated in the beginning of testing. Setting them up to have lower cortisol levels before they start, will help.
  • Have them get to school early! Gates open at 8:00 each school day. Having a chance to see friends and play a bit is a great way to get their day started on the right foot (in fact, this is good for every day of the school year!). We must sit for long periods, so having some extra play, helps.
  • Exercise each day! Take the dog (or a neighbor's dog) for a walk, ride a bike, explore on a hike! Whatever you and your child like to do to get some physical activity. As I mentioned, kids will sit in seats a lot more during testing time. Extra exercise in the great outdoors is very helpful.
Study Trips
We had to cancel our original date for Chitactac-Adams County Park. I have rescheduled to May 25. Unfortunately, I was not able to secure a bus for that date. So, we will not be taking a bus this year. If you paid for the bus, you are entitled to receive that money back. You can receive $25.60 back (less the cost of the trip itself). Please email me if you would like your money returned. If you are willing to donate this to Daves Avenue, that's fine to. Of course, it is tax deductible! I would like to know by May 5, so that I can give all names to the District office at one time. Thank you for your understanding with all of this! I will contact the previous chaperones in a few weeks to see if they can drive and chaperone.
Have a great week!

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