Student Handbook » Medication


Students with chronic or acute illnesses may require prescribed or over-the-counter medication during school hours in order to benefit from the educational program. The California Education Code, Section 49423 states "any pupil required to take during the regular school day, medication prescribed for him by a physician, may be assisted by the school nurse or other designated school personnel if the school district receives:
A written statement from such physician detailing the method, amount and time schedules by which such medication is to be taken, AND
A written statement from the parent or guardian of the pupil indicating the desire that the school district assist the pupil in the matters set forth in the physician's statement."
The Education Code regulations include over-the-counter products. Whether prescribed or over-the-counter, all medication needs to be administered through the health office. All medication needs to be in its original container labeled with the names of the student, the physician, and the medication. Specific directions for use must be included. "Take as directed" is not acceptable.
Compliance is important to the health and safety of all students. The appropriate Medication Authorization form (available in the office or download here) allows for consultation between the school nurse and physician regarding medication side effects and possible adverse reactions. Parents are required to provide a sufficient supply of medication.