Student Handbook » School Behavior Guidelines

School Behavior Guidelines

The staff at Daves strives to promote a safe, healthy environment for all students. Expectations for student behavior are high. In order to ensure your child's success at school, we ask all students to:
  1. Be in the right place at the right time.
  2. Keep body and objects to oneself.
  3. Follow adult directions and treat others with respect.
  4. Use facilities and equipment for the intended purposes.
  5. Use appropriate language.
  6. Take responsibility for one's actions and maintain honesty at all times.
Under the umbrella of these six school-wide rules, there are specific behaviors all staff members will enforce to provide a safe, orderly environment where students can learn. Any behavior that risks the safety of your child will not be tolerated. Under each rule, there are specific examples which will be enforced by all adults on the campus.
1. Be in the right place at the right time.
Children may not arrive on campus prior to 8:00 AM unless enrolled in Club House. Supervision of the playground does not begin until 8:00 AM. Instruction begins at 8:15. Students arriving at/after 8:15 will be considered tardy. Unless enrolled in Club House, students are to leave the school grounds when school is dismissed.
Children are not allowed on the play equipment unless an adult supervisor is present.
No child is to enter a building or classroom where an adult is not present. Students may use the Library for checkout, reading, or research as long as an adult is present and the student's behavior is quiet and focused upon a specific task.
Students are to make sure they have gone to the restroom and had their drinks before the final bell rings. The final bell will ring to signal the end of recess. When the bell rings, children are to walk to their line-up area to meet their teacher.
Children are to walk quietly in all hallways and indoor areas.
Children are to play on the playground. They are not to climb trees or fences or go outside of the play area. If a ball leaves the designated play area, students should report it to an adult on duty.
2. Keep one's body and objects to oneself.
Children may not engage in contact sports, rough play, or fighting. Children are to avoid physical contact with others.
Rocks, sticks, tan bark and other items found in the gardens are not to be thrown, played with, or used as weapons.
Toys are not to be brought to school.
Gum is not to be chewed at school.
3. Follow adult directions
All adult supervisors, volunteers, or staff members are to be treated with dignity and respect. Arguing or willful defiance may result in a suspension.
4. Use facilities and equipment for its intended purpose.
Use the restrooms for their intended purpose and leave them clean. Restrooms are not a play area.
Play equipment is to be used as intended. Children are not to climb up the slides from the wrong end, spin on the pull-up bars, randomly swing jump ropes, kick balls on the blacktop; hit balls against the classroom walls, etc.
Tag is not allowed on or near the play structure or on the blacktop. Shadow or rag tag is allowed on the field only.
Food is to be eaten at the picnic tables. Trash is to be placed in the receptacles.
Students riding bikes and scooters to school must wear helmets, obey traffic rules, and ride on the correct side of the street. All bikes must have a current license. Bikes and scooters are to be parked in the bike area and remain locked during school hours. Bikes and scooters are not to be ridden on campus (even on weekends). When leaving the school grounds, bikes are to be walked off campus. Students are not to ride through the parking lot for any reason during school hours.
Skateboards are not allowed at school. Please have your child leave his/her skateboard at home in the morning.
5. Use appropriate language.
Swearing, offensive behaviors, and gestures will not be tolerated.
Clothing should not contain offensive messages, liquor or tobacco ads, or inappropriate pictures.
6. Take responsibility for one's actions and maintain honesty at all times.
Children should treat others the way they wish to be treated. Games may not be locked. Children should be honest about their mistakes.
The aforementioned rules are guidelines for daily behaviors we expect every child to follow. When mistakes in behavior are made, a child may be asked to take a time out, serve clean up duty, call home, write a plan for avoiding the problem in the future, do an at-school community service project, or serve a detention during recess or after school. While no child is "perfect" all of the time, and mistakes do occur, we expect serious offenses at Daves to rarely, if ever, happen. The principal is required to notify all parents if a serious offense occurs. It will be dealt with in accordance with the California Education Code. The school administrator is required to notify all parents that California Education Code section 48900 stipulates suspension may result for the following reasons:
  1. Causing, attempting to cause, or threatening to cause physical injury to another person.
  2. Disrupting school activities or willful defiance of a teacher, administrator, or other school personnel engaged in the performance of their duties.
  3. Causing or attempting to cause damage to school or private property.
  4. Stealing or attempting to steal school property or private property.
  5. Knowingly receiving stolen property.
  6. Committing an obscene/vulgar act or engaging in the use of profanity.
  7. Possessing a dangerous object or weapon.
  8. Possessing tobacco, alcohol, paraphernalia, or a controlled substance.
  9. Committing robbery or extortion. Any child possessing a weapon is subject to expulsion.