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Santa Clara County Library (SCCL) is again free!
Campbell and Saratoga are our nearest SCCL branches.
Daves is amazingly fortunate: we are a Bookmobile stop!

Visits are every other Friday from 11:30 until 1 pm, starting Sept 1.
Hold requests from all of SCCL can be sent here via the Bookmobile.
SCCL returns can be made to the Daves library bookdrop.

On Bookmobile days, Mrs. G delivers SCCL returns and applications at 11:30, and picks up teacher holds. New cards are available that day. New cards and holds that are forgotten are delivered to Daves library at 1 pm.

Card applications need student info, with parent signature. Cards are available at next Bookmobile visit. Students who bring Mrs. G their card are given a chain for the keychain card, and shown how to secure it to their backpack to keep it found; it is needed for bookmobile check out. The PIN chosen on the application, like a password, allows students to access their SCCL account online: that helps to renew, place holds, and see what’s out.

Please use our superb local libraries. Each is different, so more is better!
The combination of our library and nearby public libraries is powerful.