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Book Fair

Book fair happens twice a year, during conference weeks. When possible it begins the Friday before. Hours are 8 am - 6 pm, with restocks each night, so those with tough schedules do not miss out.

One quarter of every dollar spent returns to the library, funding most new book purchases. This fuels our library collection. Happy readers are what we aim for, however: we aim to inspire.

Kids get excited about book fair, because suddenly there is a small but outstanding bookstore in the library. Mrs. G asks every student (and teacher) beforehand what they wish for, to relay those wishes. We can also tell what the library owns (or will add), so everyone’s wishes are feasible somehow. We ask students what they love and re-read most, because those are superb wishes any time of year.

Any book can be ordered, whether or not it arrives with the fair. Orders for books not at the fair are pre-paid (as if they were here), and delivery is at school, usually in 1-3 days.

Our book fairs are sent by Hicklebee’s of Willow Glen. They host many authors, whose visits are generally free. When at the store on weekdays, authors speak at 3:30 pm, so families have time to arrive.