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Karla McCulloch » Mrs. McCulloch's TK / Kindergarten Home page

Mrs. McCulloch's TK / Kindergarten Home page

Welcome to Daves Ave and room 1 TK/Kindergarten webpage! You'll find important information and just some fun things and cool web sites to use at home.

A little bit about myself-

I live in the Santa Cruz Mountains with my husband, Tom, our cat, Sandy, and our dog, Hagrid. We have four adult children, Calina, Paul, Julia, and Kerry.

I attended the University of California- Santa Cruz where I earned a BA in American Studies and a Masters Degree in Education. All when I was in my forties; it's never too late for learning.

This is my 15th year at Daves and my 13th year teaching kindergarten. I've also taught first and second grade, pre-school and 5th and 6th graders at science camp. Children and helping them learn is my passion.

When I'm not teaching you can find me hiking, swimming, reading, or gardening.

August 2018


Dear TK/Kindergarten Parents,


This is such an exciting time for both you and your child. Whether you are new to Daves Avenue or have been here with an older child, I think you will be quite happy. My email address is


I do have a few requests as we start this new school year:

  1. Your child should bring a regular sized backpack without wheels to take to school each day. They should practice putting things in and out of it and zipping it up. We have a lot of big projects that go home and the kids pack up after snack all by themselves, the bigger backpack is easier. 
  2. We will have snack time at afternoon recess around 12:30. PLEASE send something healthy that will provide your child with the nutrition he or she needs. (Please avoid sugary snacks).
  3. The children sometimes have accidents, or play with water in TK/kindergarten so you’ll need to send in a change of clothes in a labeled gallon zip-lock bag to be kept in your child’s cubby.
  4. Please label everything! This is a tremendous help to me and your child's items will be easy to find.
  5. I will walk the children out at the end of the day. The Clubhouse and Oaktree staff meets the children inside the TK/kindergarten yard and walk them to aftercare. 
  6. Please send a family photo so I can put it on our wall. So when your child is missing you they can look at your picture, it helps them feel better.


My goal is that your child will have a wonderful first year at Daves Avenue School. Academic abilities will be different for each child and I will do my best to meet children where they are and move them forward. I want to work in a partnership with you to help your child develop a love of learning. I will send a newsletter each week to keep you informed on what is going on during the week and highlight some of the things we did the previous week. 


If there are some things you would like to tell me about your child, please do so. The more I know, the better I will be prepared to teach and meet your child’s needs. Email is an easy way to communicate but if the need arises, I can meet you before or after school, depending on the day. 


TK/Kindergarten is a very busy place and I depend on parent volunteers to work with children in small groups during centers, individual reading, doing prep work, clay projects and so much more. It’s a great way to connect home and school and the children love having other adults in the classroom. Thank you in advance for giving the gift of your time.


The Daves Ave. Home and School Club and Los Gatos Educational Foundation are great organizations that support our school. Please join and help our school be the best place for children to learn and grow, it’s also great way to meet other families.




Karla McCulloch