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Special Programs

In order to support the teaming process for all students, Daves Avenue School offers the following special programs:

Art Docents provide art history, art appreciation, and hands on art lessons to students. This program introduces students to the elements of art in an interesting and thought provoking way.

Computer Education is provided to students in the classroom and in the Computer Lab. Each class has regularly scheduled Computer Lab time where students are provided the opportunity to work in an enrichment program which teaches all students to use the computer as a tool for learning. Many classrooms are equipped with multiple computer work stations which are used by students to do research and create reports. English as a Second Language is provided to children who are identified as Limited English Proficient. This is a pull-out program which is provided to supplement instruction.

The Early Literacy Program is designed to prevent early reading failure. It is a program which works with selected kindergarten, first, and second grade students in small group. The emphasis is on reading skills instruction.

The Music Program at Daves currently serves Kindergarten through fifth grade students. Kindergarten through third grade students receive general music instruction which prepares them for future instrumental music instruction. The fourth grade students receive a semester of violin instruction twice per week. The fifth grade students participate in an instrumental music and vocal program which allows them to choose either a stringed or wind instrument, or a chance to sing. The fifth grade program provides students with the instruction which will prepare them for participation in the band, orchestra, or choir at Fisher Middle School.

The P.E. Program allows children to participate in a directed fitness and skills based physical education program. Each class meets with the P.E. teachers once per week to practice these skills along with good sportsmanship. All skills taught are developmentally appropriate for each age level.

The Publishing Lab allows students the opportunity to become authors and illustrators. Each child has the experience of publishing a written piece of poetry, prose, or fiction. This experience enhances self esteem and purpose for writing as they see their work published and displayed. This program won the Glen Hoffman Award for the experience it provides children.

Our Resource Specialist Program is available for students who have met the state special education guidelines for eligibility. These children must have an identified learning disability.

A Speech and Language Therapist works with students needing assistance with speech and language development. To receive services from the speech and language therapist, a child must meet the state eligibility guidelines.

Counseling is a district-wide program which provides specific types of school counseling to students. It is available for students who need assistance with school related issues.

If you desire further information regarding any of these programs, feel free to contact your child's teacher or the principal.