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Building Connections through Art  
LGUSD Elementary Art Program funded by LGEF

One of the overarching goals of Common Core standards is to create independent thinkers who are lifelong learners. Art is a powerful tool to foster collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and the informed exploration the Common Core is shifting education towards.


Elementary Art Program Social Emotional Goals:

  • Designed to provide students the tools to express themselves and their passions.
  • “Scaffolded” lessons build confidence and risk-taking as artists.
  • At home projects connected to art curriculum which allow students to be the “experts” and demonstrate their learning to their family.


Elementary Art Program Academic Goals

  • Sequential art curriculum building connections to prior knowledge aligned with
  • Prior Grade Level Visual Arts Targets
  • Art Docent Art History presentations
  • Curriculum is aligned to grade level content curriculum
  • Curriculum is aligned to: CA Visual and Performing Arts standards &the California Common Core Standards

Alignment to Common Core Standards

  • Close Read- Students are given a chance to investigate the same visual text in different settings in both an art history lesson with the Art Docents of Los Gatos and a hands-on lesson with the District Art Teacher.
Cross-Curricular Connections
  • Art lessons are integrated into the grade-level content areas.
  • Provides an explicit learning progression. LGUSD ART curriculum is a sequential progression of skills from Kindergarten through 5th grade. 
  • Build transferable vocabulary: Academic vocabulary is reinforced in art lessons.
Visual Arts Curriculum Specialist
K-5 Art Teacher
Mrs. Shannon Hawkes
Art Docents of Los Gatos
Art Docents of Los Gatos provide:
  • Art Presentations
  • Hands-on Workshops
  • Annual Art Show
  • Guest Artist Program


Singing, music appreciation, and rhythmic movement are part of the music program.