Daves Avenue Library

Greetings Daves Avenue!! You are missed!!

The library is open daily via Zoom... please visit. :)


Welcome!!  🎉🎉 Grade level electives continue! ❤️

There are daily grade-level times for fun read-alouds too.

PreK-K meets at 9:30 on 10/28! Link via your teacher.

The library grade level block is 1:40 pm.

5th Mon, 1st Tues, 2nd Wed, 3rd Thu, 4th Fri.

Friday 10/30 the library will be closed.

Links for those meetings via your classroom teacher.


12:30-1:30 daily is great for questions & what to read next!

Daily read-aloud schedule is:

1st 2:30, 2nd 3:15, 3rd 4:00, 4th 4:45, 5th 5:30, 6th 6:15.

Questions? email agoldsmith@lgusd.org.

To visit the library at those times, click HERE.


As we stay home to stay safe, eBooks are vital.

Sora eBooks logo

We now have eBooks via Sora. The Sora app is free.

K-2, you need Sora + your Clever badge.

Login via Sora, not via Clever, use the badge when prompted.

3-5, you need only your school gmail account to log in!

Staff, accounts are located under 'Staff and 6-8.'

Thank you to our extraordinary Home and School Club!!


SCCL has a much larger eBook collection you can add to ours!

If you have a card, use Sora or Libby's 'Add a public library' to access more books!

Don’t have an SCCL card? Get one free remotely: https://sccld.org/card-application/.

LGPL has eBooks via Cloud Library. To get a card, email library@losgatosca.gov.


Public libraries are always open online, 24/7.

If the book you want is in use, do place a hold… digital use is high.

When you’re done with an eBook, return promptly for others!


You have the superpower to spread love and calm to those around you.

Please use that superpower, as it is mighty.