Daves Avenue Library

Greetings Daves Avenue and all of LGUSD!!!

You are missed!! Libraries want to be OPEN, so we’ve moved online!

The library is open via the internet and Zoom... please visit! :)


Online hours 12-6 pm every school day.

Read-alouds are: 12:00 TK/K, 1pm 1st, 2pm 2nd, 3 pm 3rd, 4pm 4th, 5pm 5th.

For other times/requests, email agoldsmith@lgusd.org.

To visit the library, click HERE.


Family read-alouds are superb things to share!

I will add an evening read-aloud if there is interest. :)


As we stay home to stay safe, eBooks are vital.

We now have eBooks via Sora. The Sora app is free.

(K-2, we are still working on logins for you.)


LGPL has eBooks if you have a card. To get a card, email library@losgatosca.gov.

SCCL has a much larger collection that you can access.

Don’t have an SCCL card? Get one free now: https://sccld.org/card-application/.

The app SCCL uses (also free) is Libby, Sora's older sibling.


Public libraries are always open online, 24/7.

If the book you want is in use, do place a hold… digital use is high.

When you’re done with an eBook, return promptly for others!


You have the superpower to spread love and calm to those around you.

Please use that superpower, as it is mighty.