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Welcome! Daves Avenue's library has something for everyone, and is outstandingly cozy! Thank you for reading the website! Each class has a weekly library time when students are introduced to new books and authors, storytelling, and research skills. The library is staffed by one librarian, and truly indispensable volunteers help with re-shelving.

The library is open from 8-3 every school day except Wednesday.
Wednesday closing is 12:30 except by appointment.

Students in grades 1-5 may check out as many books as their grade level. Many exchange books at recess or lunch throughout the week. Though the number of books at once seems small, students are responsible for their own books, and Mrs. G will cheer them on even after they graduate. Kinder students visit, but take home books from classrooms. They are welcome to visit with a parent to check out library books also.

The library is a happily busy spot, especially during class visits. If your student meets you after school and asks to visit the library, please grant their wish. There is a brief rush after the last class. After the rush is a great time to get help finding just the right book, especially for choosy or voracious readers.