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What is Safe Routes to School?
Safe Routes to School strives to build a collaborative community to support students using alternative transportation (walking, biking, skating and scooting) to and from school with the goal to encourage lifelong healthy habits and create a more livable environment for the community.

The 6 E’s of Safe Routes to School:
  • Education – providing age appropriate instruction on bike and pedestrian safety
  • Encouragement – building interest in active/alternative transportation
  • Engineering – building safe and effective infrastructure in the community and at school sites
  • Enforcement – enforcing safe bike, pedestrian and driving rules
  • Evaluation – using collected data to assess efforts to grow and develop new programs
  • Equity – ensuring that programs benefit all students and individuals in a community
Safe Routes at Daves Avenue, with the support of our Home & School Club, focuses on the Education and Encouragement of students and their families through grade-level specific learning opportunities and school-wide events. Our goal is to increase the number of students and families who walk, bike, skate, scooter, and carpool to school.
Plan Your Route to School

Did you know?! There are highlighted routes in our neighbors designated as “Safe Routes” - these are pathways that may provide safe pathways for students to walk or wheel (bike/scooter) to school. Check and see if you live on or near a Safe Route!


Upcoming Events 18/19


Fall 2018

9/24 - 9/28 Walk & Roll to School Week
9/27 4th Grade Bike Rodeo
10/10 Walk to School Day
10/30 Kinder Pedestrian Safety
11/14 Scooter to School Day (rescheduled due to fire/smoke)
December  Safety Month: Give the Gift of Safety


Winter/Spring 2019

2/5 Carpool to School Day * 
3/11 Crossing Guard Appreciation Day @ Daves
4/22 - 4/26 Earth Week & Take it to the Streets!
5/9 Bike to School Day


 * A carpool is 3 or more children from one family or children from 2 or more families.