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Parent Information and Responsibilities

The School Office is open from 7:30AM – 3:30PM Monday through Friday. The school phone number is 335-2200. The attendance reporting line is 335-2245. The Health Office line is 335-2249.

Daves Avenue School hours are from 8:15AM – 2:33PM for grades 1-3 and 8:15AM - 2:38PM for grades 4 and 5. On Wednesdays and Minimum Days, dismissal for grades 1-3 is at 12:10 and 4-5 gets out at 12:15. Afternoon kindergarteners come to school in the mornings each Wednesday. Supervision of students does not begin on campus until 8:00 AM. Students are also expected to leave campus immediately at the end of the day, unless enrolled in Club House.

If a parent or guardian needs to check a child out of school early, it is necessary for the parent to sign the child out in the office. NO CHILD WILL BE RELEASED DIRECTLY FROM THE CLASSROOM. No child will be released early without a parent or authorized emergency contact present to escort the child from the office.